Who we are and website information

Havenfoto.nl is owned by hobby photographer Henk van Kooten. He is mainly involved with his greatest passion, photographing various ports (for example the port of Rotterdam and the port of Antwerp) and ships (both in port and at sea). By the practise of this passion, he soon got the name "shipspotter" from alot of people.

One of the reasons for this interest is that his father, Willem van Kooten, was captain of several ships (this can be found in our old box) and Henk van Kooten, as young as he was, went into the life of shipping, marine and ports. Since that time, his passion of these phenomena remaind and is actually only strengthened.

Through this website, Havenfoto.nl, Henk van Kooten takes you through his findings through photos and information from several ships and ports.

The menu on the left shows the different categories where the photographs are divided, for example: Opposite port, Evening photos, Bulk Carriers, Cargo Ships, Coasters, Container ships, Miscellaneous, Port Authority, Offshore, Pilots, RoRo Ferry, Tugs, Sea tankers and Sea tugs. Through this menu you can view the photos of your choice.

Besides his own photos Henk van Kooten also works together with hobby photographers W. van Kooten and J.J. Hansen. They regularly send photos to Henk van Kooten which they then place after selection.

We hope that Henk van Kooten also can captivate you with the fascinating life of the shipping and everything it implies.

We wish you happy sailing...