17 m.s. CATHARINAPOLDER 5066217 1959-1967 cargoship PDIZ
Build in 1959, N.V. Scheepswerf Janssen, Druten (J147)
931 BRT 490 NRT 1.366 DWT
67,56 (60,36) x 9,93 x 5,82 x 3,633
2 cargobays, G 1.826 m3, 91,5 ton bunkers, 12,5 kn.
1.100 EPK, 821 kW, 8 cyl, 4 tew, 390 x 680, N.V. Werkspoor, Amsterdam.

1-9-1958 completed, 2-1959 delivered as the CATHARINAPOLDER aan N.V. Motorvrachtschip "Magna Pete", Rotterdam.

6-1967 sold to Yousef Ahmed Al Sager, Kuwait, new name AL YASRAH.

1967 rebuild from cargoship to livestock transport, 496 / 931 BRT, 230 / 490 NRT, 767 / 1.388 DWT.

1974 as AL YASRAH sold to Livestock Transport & Trading Co. K.S.C., Kuwait.

1979 sold to  Wingate Ltd., Panama, managed by  Univan Shipmanagement Ltd., new name JIHAD I.

1983 sold for scrapping to Pakistan, 2-6-1983 arrived at Karachi, sold to Feather Floats Inc., Panama new name FEATHER CLOUD, not known if the ship sailed under the name FEATHER CLOUD or stayed in Karachi.

1984 sold for scrapping, 3-2-1984 arrived in Gadani Beach to be scrapped.



Name: Erebus
Imo nr: 5105130
Build in: 1950
Company: H. Schothorst, Groningen.
l.l.:/l.o.a.: 45,54m x 50,20m
Brt: 477   Nrt: 224
Dwt: 580
B.: 8,20m H.: 2,82m D.: 3,30m
Motor: 375 Pk 4 tew 6 cil Brons diesel
Speed: 9 mijl
Buildnumber: 716
Build by: E.J. Smit & Zn. Te Westbroek
Completed: 06-07-1950
Delivered: 23-09-1950 
EREBUS, E. Lammert e.a., Groningen. (Carebeka) PDYL
EREBUS, E.L. & E.H. Schothorst, Groningen (Carebeka) PDYL
Sold to Simetas NV, Hoogezand for scrapping. The wheelhouse has been permanently exhibited at the maritime museum, Groningen. 


Name: Patria 1938 
Callsign: PGRL
Build by: N.V. Scheepswerf Foxhol v/h Gebr. Muller Foxhol (buildingnumber 44)
Tonnage : 343 brt., 168 nto. en 410 dwt.
L X B X H : 43,50 X 7,57 X 2,93 mt.
Machine : MWM-diesel 6 cil. van 300 pk.
Speed: 10 knots.
1938-1940 Patria H.Groen Groningen (managed by Wagenborg v.a. 40 Carebeka).
On the 16th of may 1940 written in by The Netherlands Shipping & Trading Committee in Londen and managed by Freight Express Ltd. Londen.

On May 29, the Patria arrived at 23.00 hours at the wooden paddle boat Crestle Eagle that was on fire. No fewer than 1000 man were taken on board including the crew of the sunken hunter HMS Grenade, the Crestle Eagle and Fenella. The Patria has 1400 people evacuated from Dunkirk.

1945-1968 Patria H.Groen Groningen (managed bij Carebeka).
1968-1971 Georgios Hatzioannou D. Hatzioannou Ikaria, Greece.
1971-1976 Aspa Syrianos Brothers Mytilene, Greece.
1976-1985 Aspa Mavrona Brothers Piraeus, Greece, in 83 named to Elenitsa.
1985-1988 Barbagiorgis Spencen Overseas Inc.Piraeus.
1988-1989 Metis sold to unknown Greece owner.
Sold in 1989 verkocht for scrapping in Perama, Greece.


Build in 1936 byde Noord-Nederlandsche Scheepswerven in Groningen.

199 b, 115 n, 250 d - L x B x H = 35,75 (34,35) x 6,43 x 2,49 (2,44) meter - G 14.000, B 13.50

2 tew 3 cil. dieselengine van N.V. Appingedammer Brons Motorenfabriek, Appingedam (nr. 5251)(240 x 360), 150 r.p.k., 8.5 kn.
Class: Bureau Veritas - Burningmark: 1754 Z. GRON. 1936

1936: TUBO, Willem Bootsman, Delfzijl

1937: (October 23) during the journey from Moffat to England with a cargo of onions in a hurricane which ended several hours after the deck cargo washed overboard, on October 25 in Boston (Lincs) arrived, after opening the hatches showed that the cargo in the hold by the sea water was affected, the cargo was unloaded and the ship went to Rotterdam. During this trip we had leakage and using a tugboat to the yard of A. Vuyk & Sons in Capelle aan den IJssel be achieved, after setting dry soil showed that all plates were damaged beyond repair, the ship on December 7 back in the sea.

1940: (May 10) in Rouen

1940: (May 16) written in by the Netherlands' Shipping & Trading Co., Londen and managed by Freight Express Ltd., Londen

1945: (june 1) TUBO, Willem Bootsman, Delfzijl

1948: (september 10) by M.S. Hoop, Delfzijl, carried in after a trip to Kotka to Delfzijl with a load of wood, problems came along with the main engine. Repared in Appingedam by N.B. Appingedammer Brons Motorenfabriek on november 8.

1955: (june 14) TEMPO-D, Harm Dijken (Wagenborg), Groningen

1966: (februari 24) ARION, Jurrien Kruidhof & Hendrik Alje Kuiper (Maritima Scheepvaart- & Handelmaatschappij N.V.), Delfzijl

1971: (november 25) sold to Frank Rijsdijk's Industriëele Ondernemingen N.V. for scrapping in Hendrik Ido-Ambacht.

1972: (oktober) scrapped

Valkenburg 1966

Owner: B.V. Scheepvaartmaatschappij Marlot, Rotterdam
Shippingyard: Scheepswerf "Friesland" N.V., Lemmer / 42
Build in: 1966
In service: 1966
Brt : 499
Nrt : 329
Draagv. : 1172
Length: 75,42 meter
Width: 10,82 meter
Holt : 2,69 meter
Power: 940 pk
Speed: 10,0 knots
Imonumber : 6614762
Callsign: PIDF
Completed ad: 03-06-1966
In service: 30-08-1966

1969 / rebuild Zaanlandse Scheepsbouw Maatschappij N.V.; brt 1273 length75,42 m
1984 / Mariel P
1988 / Al Bouragh
1993 / Cabo Bojador
march 28 1999 arrived for scrapping at Las Palmas, Spanje.

Willi Böhmer

Name: Willi Böhmer
Build in: 1957
Imonumber: 5390072
From: N.V. Reederij "Nautiek", Rotterdam managed by W. Böhmer's Scheepvaartbedrijf N.V.
Build by: Chant-Navale Giuliano San Giusto, Triëst / 48
April 1961 rebuild N.V. Dok & Werf Maatschappij Wilton-Fijenoord, Schiedam

Oktober 1961 completed

Februari 10 1970 with the name WILLI BÖHMER during renovation caught fire while.

June 1970 sold as wrackage to Rederij Oost Vlieland, Vlieland (Scheepvaartbedrijf Gebr. J. van der Schoot) carried from Rotterdam to Harlingen by Tug Hector from Bureau Wijsmuller N.V.

December 1970 after reperations N.V. Scheepswerf & Machinefabriek Welgelegen, Harlingen the ship got the new name OOST VLIELAND

Maart 1980 sailed under Panamese flag

April 1992 sold to Honduras, new name VICTOR

16 juli 2007 sold, new name BURAK S